Dumitru  Grigore

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About Me

Personal information

Surname/ First name: GRIGORE, Dumitru

Address(es): Nr. 130 Traian Popovici Street, 3rd district, Bucharest

Telephone(s): Cell phone: +40 0722639323

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Nationality: Romanian

Date of birth 30.07.1962


PhD at the Military Technical Academy Bucharest

University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics, Section of Technological Physics
Dipl. Eng., Engineering Physics/Applied Physics 1981 – 1987

University of Pitesti, Sf. Mucenita Filoteea Faculty of Theology, Pitesti, county of Arges
Bachelor of Theology, Theology/Theological Studies 1995 – 2001

Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology
Bachelor of Psychology, Psychological Engineering, Psychometrics, 2010 – 2013

MindMi (Biospecter) General Assessment Report

January 2013

A. Basic Vocation: EXPLORER

intuitive, flexible, logic, open-minded, polite, obliging, abstract, inspired, analytic, spontaneous, active, complex, idealist, eager to know, efficient, exigent, independent, ingenious, intellectual, inventive, scientific spirit, systematic;

B. Behavioral style:

EXPERIMENTER: intuitive, flexible, with initiative in searching for new, seeks incitation and immediate provocation, courageous, makes things happen at the right moment;

COMMANDER: logic and open-minded, prepared to take over responsibilities, influent, convincing, full of energy, intuitive, enthusiast, adviser, group leader;

C. Temperamental profile: Dominant Sanguine;

agreeable in communication, adaptable, sociable, creative and optimist, engages interpersonal relations easily, flexible;

D. Cognitive Patterns:Heuristic, Scientific creativity, Cryptic contemplative;

E. Cerebral dominance: Left hemisphere visual


Chief Research Officer at Psychometric Systems S.A.
August 2014 - present

Owner & Developer Biospecter Technology
September 2008 – August 2014  (15 years 11 months)Bucharest, Romania

Project of applicative research based on the implementation of a technology of psychological evaluation by direct measurement concretised in the achievement of the Expert System of Personality Evaluation, technology in course of patenting with OSIM, reference A 61B 5/05 - a 2012 00171. Implementation of the software of a pattern with the possibility of determination by direct measurements of the psychological profile by GSR correlations on projective functions. Advanced applications of group compatibility by generating interfaces for programming simulations of individual and group vulnerability, generation of radar patterns associated to working groups, with the possibility of identification of crisis germs in the vulnerable and risk evolution of groups. Patterning stage at OSIM, PCT protection.

Psychological relevance of text structure: system for the identification of the rhythm of utilisation or words in the text, by non semantic exploitation of the content; software implementation of a method of texts classification based on the psychological relevance; identification of the psychological aspects by analysis of text samples. 

Analysis of cognitive and behavioural patterns: algorithm to discover the rules of distribution of the knowledge filed based on the transition factor, advanced modelling of cognitive and behavioural patterns with the possibility of their determination by direct evaluation. 

Analytic pattern of alive systems: systemic modelling of the alive reality with generalisation on the human being, the proposal of a synergetic pattern for the informational – energetic exchange between the intelligent alive system and the reality plans. Studies within the Commission of Cybernetics of the Romanian Academy.

Administrator Geoseismo Ltd.
November 1998 – February 2013 

Activities of research in the field of design of geophysical equipments

Parish Priest Romanian Orthodox Church
July 1995 – Present (17 years 9 months)Argeş & Muscel Archiepiscopate, Romanian Orthodox Church;

Activity specific to the parish

System engineer PETROMIDIA SA
May 1992 – July 1995 (3 years 3 months) Petrochemical Platform of Midia – Navodari, county of Constanta

Technical coordination of the activity of explosimetry and process analysis, implementation of expert management system within the Refinery;
Yard coordinator for the MTBE plant, 
1994 period of preparation at Eurotherm Process Automation, Worthing, W. Sussex, United Kingdom, work expertise with process management expert systems.

Deputy Mayor Prefect's Office of the county of Constanta
August 1990 – May 1992 (1 year 10 months) City Hall Navodari

Administrative management of the town of Navodari, county of Constanta (more than 42.000 inhabitants) Specific activities of administrative management

Engineer trainee Petrochemical Terminal of Midia
September 1987 – August 1990 (3 years) Petrochemical Platform of Midia – Navodari, county of Constanta

- works of installation, design/redesign of electronic equipments ; 
- technical assistance and commissioning of plants within the Petrochemical Terminal;
- redesign of process automation equipments and change of the tip ”Foxboro” regulators ordering line;
- design for special utilisations of a central station of temperatures on one of the reaction columns of the High Pressure Polyethylene Plant (PIP) within the Petrochemical Platform; 
- installation, technical process connection and commissioning of the “Miran II” process analyser, German made, in the Ethylene Oxide plant;
- installation, technical connection and commissioning of rheometer- analyser for the index of technological flow of the PIP plant;
- technical assistance upon commissioning of PIP, PJP and Ethylene Oxide plants of the Petrochemical Platform;
- design and total execution of a digital level-meter with capacitive probe for liquefied products.
- 1988, working internship at the Representative Office of ”Carl Zeiss Jena”, working expertise wit the SPECORD M42 spectrometer.



Romania A 61B 5/05 - a 2012 00171Filed February 13, 2002

The invention refers to an electronic equipment and to a method for the determination of the psychological profile by direct measurement of projective parameters corresponding to the cerebral functions.


Commission of Cybernetics of the Romanian Academy
Permanent member since  May 1999 – Present

Ambassador of Gifted Children of Romania since  February 2012 – Present

Honors & Awards

Grand prize PATRIOT FEST 2017, Bucharest
Medal of HonourThe International Congress of Medicine and Faith, Iasi, 3rd –5th of June 2009; and 3rd –7th of October 2012;October 2012
Diploma of Ambassador of Gifted Children of Romania,  IRSCA GIFTED EDUCATION, February 2012


  1. English Elementary proficiency
  2. French Elementary proficiency
  3. Russian Elementary proficiency

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